We really suck at updating. Like, no other words for it. We just suck at updating.


We apologize

We here at Partially Bigoted Zealots hereby issue a formal apology for the complete and utter lack of posting as of late. There is no excuse for this sort of behavior, no excuse at all. We simply ask that you, the reader (all 5 of you), continue to follow us as we try and keep up our posting habits like we did when things were interesting.

In addition: Something interesting has happened. We’ll cover it later. Promise.

Your editor’s have often contemplated converting from our Protestant version of Christianity to Catholicism.  The main selling point?  Saturday night service.  Anything to sleep in on a Sunday.  We were told by our Catholic Mother (who converted in our teen years, causing a Mini-Holy War in our house…we’re part Irish, you can imagine the kitchen terrorism that followed) that this wouldn’t “fly” in Catechism.  Their loss, we still date their woman.  However, a recent Vatican declaration may have us seriously considering the switch again.  The Vatican, taking a page from it’s Galileo maneuver, decided to bury the hatchet with Charles Darwin.

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Holy Zeupitar!

So I’m a little late on the ball, I apologize. But still, what better time to write and read a review about what is arguably the best show on television then right now? Probably two days ago when I could clearly remember the episode. Spoilers. Duh.

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Color us confused, perplexed and astonished.  After flipping through the channels the remote ineveitably landed on CNN.  Expecting a audio and visual barrage of superflous graphics and a stately, urgent music bed we’re met with no music, no graphics.  Just 4 guys partaking in an intelligent discussion on Afghanistan.  In 5 minutes, no mass generalization or completely obvious statement has been uttered.  It’s a really intelligent discussion.  No one is raising their voice, waving their hands wildly and no inane comments.  What is this doing on CNN?  On cable in general?  What the hell is this doing on TV?  I feel like I’m watching C-SPAN, but with better production values.

We’re watching Fareed Zakaria GPS, a lame name that cries for overproduced graphics and soundtrack.  Granted, we’ve only seen 5 minutes (not including the end bit, were reader-suggested famous quotes were played), but does CNN still have some integrity left?  HOLY SHIT! They just recommend a book?  To read?  And learn?  About society?  What the hell is going on?  Is this Bizaro CNN?  Make it stop — WE CAN’T TAKE THIS!

Oh thank god, the overproduced and melodramatic “Special Investigations” is on now.  The world returns to normal.

Inauguration Swag

It was a historic moment.  Moving people across generations and races, and now, you too can own a piece of history.  It wouldn’t be a real historic moment without some swag you could take home to prove that it actually happened, and you paid attention long enough to pull out your credit card.  Is there a better way to remember this moment?  A moment that defines a generation and breaks a new barrier in race relations.  Let us answer: no, how could you remember without your special CNN headline t-shirt?  It’s impossible.  If there is anything to love about America it has to be our swag.  Nothing is sacred until we immortalize it on a t-shirt or a button.  So where can you find the best inaugural swag?  On the internet of course.

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