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So I’m a little late on the ball, I apologize. But still, what better time to write and read a review about what is arguably the best show on television then right now? Probably two days ago when I could clearly remember the episode. Spoilers. Duh.



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Excuse my exuberance, but, uh, OMG BSG!!!1!1  We even pulled out the multi-medium for the occassion!  After 6 months of rewatching DVDs countless times, our biggest reason to why posting will increase on Fridays returns, and we finally get to see the beginning of the end.  Herc over at AICN (Partial Bigot Alert! We despise them) has seen the episode and the screener promises we learn the identity of the Fifth Cylon and I believe him because our DVR listing promises the same thing.  SciFi has a marathon going on all day, and even though we own all the DVDs, we’re watching.  Watch! Tonight! 10PM! Sci-Fi Channel!  Check your local listings for more!

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