11:16 — Here comes Hillary!  Wolf Blitzer mentions that some people were hoping she’d be sworn in.  Haha, PUMA’s don’t hurt yourself!

11:18 — CNN, “In 92, Clinton raised between 50-60 million dollars to become President.  This inauguration cost more than that.”  Thanks CNN, probably the most useful thing you’ve said all day, and it still sucks.

11:29 — Silence fell over the crowd. Oh, and go figure, they’re running behind schedule. Are we surprised? No. This is America, for crying out loud.

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I flipped on the TV today and tuned into CNN, no real reason for it. I had just gotten back from class and buying books (a week after classes started), and so what else would I have to do? I’ll pretend to be involved in society and the world by being up-to-date on various events. That’s my excuse at least, sometimes I just watch CNN, other times MSNBC. Sometimes I watch CSPAN and even CSPAN 2. Yes, I do enjoy it, okay?

Anyway, so delicious smoothie in one hand, Public Relations book in another, computer at my side, my eyes glaze over as I tune in only to the flashing box of moving images and soaring sounds. Today is a very important day in American history. Apparently some black guy is doing something of relative importance. So much so that all the news channels are covering it. Pretty much all day too. What the hell did I miss out on? I wasn’t asleep for that long!

Regardless, upon learning this information, I contacted my cohort, my partner in crime, and my brother. He was unaware of this as well. I was disappointed in him, he should know better. Either way, after some quick bantering, we both decided to try and “liveblog that bitch”. So that’s what we’re going to do. Or at least try to. We’ll see how it goes. Continue Reading »

What the Frak?


What the frak just happened? We’re not sure what’s gonna happen next — or what the frak to say. We’ll try anyway. After the jump, Drew’s spoiler-heavy review. Sean’s take will come later. For the love of the Gods — don’t look if you haven’t watched it yet. Thanks to the awesome folks as the GalacticaBBS for taking really awesome screen grabs, like the above.

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Excuse my exuberance, but, uh, OMG BSG!!!1!1  We even pulled out the multi-medium for the occassion!  After 6 months of rewatching DVDs countless times, our biggest reason to why posting will increase on Fridays returns, and we finally get to see the beginning of the end.  Herc over at AICN (Partial Bigot Alert! We despise them) has seen the episode and the screener promises we learn the identity of the Fifth Cylon and I believe him because our DVR listing promises the same thing.  SciFi has a marathon going on all day, and even though we own all the DVDs, we’re watching.  Watch! Tonight! 10PM! Sci-Fi Channel!  Check your local listings for more!

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McDonald’s Greenism

Earlier this week, we were all frightened over the concept that a Google search took as much energy as making a cup of tea. A simple Google search, something people do millions of times a day, had a pretty significant impact. After a few days of back-and-forth the only thing we learned was (a) the report was probably wrong and (b) the researcher got a lot of nice press for his new company. A company designed to help websites become greener, like to BeGreenNow.com, a company that lets you calculate your carbon footprint and offers to offset the difference for you. It’s what we all hoped for, the market leading the way into the green revolution. Continue Reading »

It’s pretty easy to associate the First Amendment with prepubescent teens using it as a defense to why they can drop racial epithets every five seconds during your recent Xbox Live endeavor. Occasionally, it is mentioned as the endgame in a “Why AMERICA rocks” argument “First Amendment, bitches!” Other time, it is mutilated to fit an agenda – or outright discarded. The use of the First as a blunt instrument to quell opposition and genuine debate is a sad development in our country. But how often have we heard – and said – “Oh well, he can say what he wants, First Amendment, bitches!” It’s pretty easy to lose the significance of the Freedom of Speech clause, being so far removed from the context in which it arose. It’s what makes stories like Lasantha Wickrematunge of Sri Lanka’s controversial Sunday Leader (and when we say controversial, it’s in the critical of the government fashion, not in the salacious reporting fashion) poignant and alarming.

The story is like a film pitch:
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Being green has been the biggest fad of the 2000’s. This “Hippie-ism” is making a resurgence in the hearts and minds of our culture, even though we still hold on tightly to our gas guzzling SUV’s, and complain when gas is raising, even though oil prices have fallen below $38. What should we complain about? Gas prices that have been peeking around $2 a gallon, or the fact that OPEC is looking at large-scale production cuts, and traders are buying and storing oil in hopes that it will rebound and they can sell for more? Continue Reading »