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We really suck at updating. Like, no other words for it. We just suck at updating.


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We apologize

We here at Partially Bigoted Zealots hereby issue a formal apology for the complete and utter lack of posting as of late. There is no excuse for this sort of behavior, no excuse at all. We simply ask that you, the reader (all 5 of you), continue to follow us as we try and keep up our posting habits like we did when things were interesting.

In addition: Something interesting has happened. We’ll cover it later. Promise.

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Seriously? I don’t even care for sports that much, but for crying out loud, you’ve been saying the same thing for how many years now? You were on the cover of Madden 2009, just be thankful your knee didn’t blow out.

A favor, Mr. Favre…just retire, please. Get a commentating job on FOX, we all know you will.

Oh, and learn to spell your name right…Just playing.

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I usually won’t do this — I’d rather this be a repository for our useless information than piggy-back on someone else’s — but Jake Wood over at “Being Jake Wood” has this little nugget: College Really Necessary?.

Now, until I decide whether or not it’s too late to write about the Viacom/Time Warner awesomeness, all 16 of our visitors should go laugh.

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