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We apologize

We here at Partially Bigoted Zealots hereby issue a formal apology for the complete and utter lack of posting as of late. There is no excuse for this sort of behavior, no excuse at all. We simply ask that you, the reader (all 5 of you), continue to follow us as we try and keep up our posting habits like we did when things were interesting.

In addition: Something interesting has happened. We’ll cover it later. Promise.


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Earlier this week, we were all frightened over the concept that a Google search took as much energy as making a cup of tea. A simple Google search, something people do millions of times a day, had a pretty significant impact. After a few days of back-and-forth the only thing we learned was (a) the report was probably wrong and (b) the researcher got a lot of nice press for his new company. A company designed to help websites become greener, like to BeGreenNow.com, a company that lets you calculate your carbon footprint and offers to offset the difference for you. It’s what we all hoped for, the market leading the way into the green revolution. (more…)

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Being green has been the biggest fad of the 2000’s. This “Hippie-ism” is making a resurgence in the hearts and minds of our culture, even though we still hold on tightly to our gas guzzling SUV’s, and complain when gas is raising, even though oil prices have fallen below $38. What should we complain about? Gas prices that have been peeking around $2 a gallon, or the fact that OPEC is looking at large-scale production cuts, and traders are buying and storing oil in hopes that it will rebound and they can sell for more? (more…)

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Now, I know that we are so famously known for interestingly comprehensive commentaries about up to date meaningful news stories. By this I mean you would expect us to write a smart, informative blog about how the unemployment rates shot up at the end of 2008, reaching 7.2 percent in December, putting job losses at 2.6 million on the year. Now it is clearly obvious to anyone that America is in a recession. Shocking news right? (more…)

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We are another little blog, another little speck of the face of the “world wide web”. Just like half of everyone else on this Jupiter sized ball of bullshit and wire(less) connections, we think we have a voice. This is a basic concept in the Political and Social construct of humanity. We have a voice, dammit! And by god, through hell or high water (heels), we are going to make sure our voice is heard!

So, this is our voice. And we are here for that reason. We are two slightly younger, slightly smart, Politically and Socially inclined and active folk. We’re geeks, we’re sarcastic. Occasionally we’re funny too. Not so much me, usually the other one.

Oh, and surprisingly we do have names. I’m Sean. I’m younger and more sarcastic. Drew, the other one, is older and smarter. I’m a hippy, an environmentalist, indie, the artist. Drew is…going to Law School, he doesn’t have time to do anything else. He’s a liberal. The Political Science major. He knows more then I do. He’s more up to date on the know-how doo-haa.

So this a blog. You should keep checking this blog. Because we will be updating this blog. And we are just witty enough (don’t take this as a standard), that this will be worth reading. Congratulations, maybe we’ll influence you in some minimal psychological level, or you’ll just think that we’re crazy.

But we are…

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