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It was a historic moment.  Moving people across generations and races, and now, you too can own a piece of history.  It wouldn’t be a real historic moment without some swag you could take home to prove that it actually happened, and you paid attention long enough to pull out your credit card.  Is there a better way to remember this moment?  A moment that defines a generation and breaks a new barrier in race relations.  Let us answer: no, how could you remember without your special CNN headline t-shirt?  It’s impossible.  If there is anything to love about America it has to be our swag.  Nothing is sacred until we immortalize it on a t-shirt or a button.  So where can you find the best inaugural swag?  On the internet of course.



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11:16 — Here comes Hillary!  Wolf Blitzer mentions that some people were hoping she’d be sworn in.  Haha, PUMA’s don’t hurt yourself!

11:18 — CNN, “In 92, Clinton raised between 50-60 million dollars to become President.  This inauguration cost more than that.”  Thanks CNN, probably the most useful thing you’ve said all day, and it still sucks.

11:29 — Silence fell over the crowd. Oh, and go figure, they’re running behind schedule. Are we surprised? No. This is America, for crying out loud.


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I flipped on the TV today and tuned into CNN, no real reason for it. I had just gotten back from class and buying books (a week after classes started), and so what else would I have to do? I’ll pretend to be involved in society and the world by being up-to-date on various events. That’s my excuse at least, sometimes I just watch CNN, other times MSNBC. Sometimes I watch CSPAN and even CSPAN 2. Yes, I do enjoy it, okay?

Anyway, so delicious smoothie in one hand, Public Relations book in another, computer at my side, my eyes glaze over as I tune in only to the flashing box of moving images and soaring sounds. Today is a very important day in American history. Apparently some black guy is doing something of relative importance. So much so that all the news channels are covering it. Pretty much all day too. What the hell did I miss out on? I wasn’t asleep for that long!

Regardless, upon learning this information, I contacted my cohort, my partner in crime, and my brother. He was unaware of this as well. I was disappointed in him, he should know better. Either way, after some quick bantering, we both decided to try and “liveblog that bitch”. So that’s what we’re going to do. Or at least try to. We’ll see how it goes. (more…)

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“Hi, is Gary there?”


“Hi Gary, I’m Drew with Senator Obama’s Presidential Campaign here in Ohio, how are you today?”

“I’m a Republican, I always vote for Republicans and will never vote for a damn Democrat.”

It was an abrupt end to the conversation – but effective on Gary’s part (not his real name). (more…)

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