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Color us confused, perplexed and astonished.  After flipping through the channels the remote ineveitably landed on CNN.  Expecting a audio and visual barrage of superflous graphics and a stately, urgent music bed we’re met with no music, no graphics.  Just 4 guys partaking in an intelligent discussion on Afghanistan.  In 5 minutes, no mass generalization or completely obvious statement has been uttered.  It’s a really intelligent discussion.  No one is raising their voice, waving their hands wildly and no inane comments.  What is this doing on CNN?  On cable in general?  What the hell is this doing on TV?  I feel like I’m watching C-SPAN, but with better production values.

We’re watching Fareed Zakaria GPS, a lame name that cries for overproduced graphics and soundtrack.  Granted, we’ve only seen 5 minutes (not including the end bit, were reader-suggested famous quotes were played), but does CNN still have some integrity left?  HOLY SHIT! They just recommend a book?  To read?  And learn?  About society?  What the hell is going on?  Is this Bizaro CNN?  Make it stop — WE CAN’T TAKE THIS!

Oh thank god, the overproduced and melodramatic “Special Investigations” is on now.  The world returns to normal.


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